"Karen's animal knowledge captures and keeps the attention of our Junior Cadet Boy's Club in grades first through third." - Peggy Biesboer, Elmhurst Christian Reform Church

"Even though this is a group presentation, there is time for each child to have an individual hands-on opportunity to explore." - Sue Weber, Teacher/Director of Tree Town Co-Operative Nursery School

"Karen's enthusiasm captures the attention of the pre-school children as she talks and displays her unique and unusual props." - Sandy Biegel, York High School Child Development Instructor

"Karen captivate's her audience, whether they are 3 or 63 years old. For two years, Karen has presented her programs at the Berkeley Public Library sharing her knowledge of the animal kingdom and allowing a 'hands on' period at each of her programs. Karen delights all in attendance-and attendance is high!" - Helene Pawelek, Berkeley Public Library

"Fantastic!! Right at the kids level...hands on approach with the boys and girls." - Lana Welch, Children's World, Woodridge

"You won't want to miss this event. Karen's programs are always so interesting and educational." - Joyce Schamberger, Woodhaven Lakes Nature Center, Amboy, Illinois

"Karen presents a creative, well informed, educational and fun program for children and adults." - Lael Laning, Villa Park Library-Youth Service

"Karen enhanced our study of fish and had the boys and girls completely engaged in the investigation. Bringing all the hands-on items into the class was great!" - Kirk Bolt, 3rd Grade Teacher, Bethany Lutheran, Naperville